About Us

SQUIDS After School Club: Who We Are

SQUIDS is a Charity based After School Club in the South Queensferry area. We have been established as an After School Club for over twenty years, originating in the South Queensferry Community huts, adjacent to Queensferry Primary School on Burgess Road.

In 2017 we opened our second After School Club unit at Echline Primary School, and this now caters for children attending this school.

At each of our premises we have both indoor and outdoor activity areas where the children are encouraged to learn about topical subjects such as the environment and also to participate in games and sports. Our outdoor activity areas are very spacious and as they are completely enclosed within the school boundaries they provide a very safe and secure environment.

The main purpose of SQUIDS After School Club is for the children to have fun, constructive play and enjoyment, and for every child to feel content and fulfilled. Activities offered are structured and supervised. The children have opportunities to participate in a diverse programme of activities and projects. The aim is that each individual develops social, creative, emotional, physical and intellectual skills which will be invaluable to them as they grow and develop.

SQUIDS After School Club provides a healthy snack at around 3pm each day. We do ask parents to provide a packed lunch for children who attend on a Friday. Snacks for children with special dietary requirements will be offered where possible, in accordance with individual personal care plans.

Hours of Business

SQUIDS After School Club is open at the following times:

Monday to Thursday    14:30 to 17:45

Friday                              12:00 to 17:45


Holiday Club

During the school holidays SQUIDS also run a Holiday Club. This provides an essential service to parents when the schools are closed and is open to all children in South Queensferry and the surrounding areas. The Holiday Club covers the Easter and Summer breaks, and also the mid term break if demand is sufficient. We are open at the following times:

Monday to Friday:    08:00 to 17:30

SQUIDS After SChool Club: Our Mission

Our mission is to provide first class after school and holiday care for children attending schools in South Queensferry or living within the South Queensferry area

SQUIDS After School Club: Principles of Practice